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Fun with the Dailey Family

I finally had the honor of capturing this beautiful family on Saturday. I've known Jake (dad) since he was about the age of his daughter Elizabeth. We were childhood friends and I'm so honored to be able to capture his beautiful family and see how he and Kari have built this incredible life together. #daileyfamily2018 First of all, this was a redemption of a gift certificate from last November. #happybelatedbirthday I was so thrilled when Kari finally got in touch to schedule their shoot. I know they have a family friend who often shoots their family, so I was grateful to be asked.

The first time we tried to get together, I was sick. Epic fail on my part, but there is no way I wanted to get two littles sick. I heard Elizabeth had tried on multiple outfits that morning. I hate to disappoint #queen #diva Our second attempt at a session was the only weekend this year that it decided to rain in California. And it was a lot of rain, especially for us dry Californians. #muddychildrenwontdo

Finally, it all came together. We met at their home in Yorba Linda and after some initially shy introductions, we went next door to their neighbor's orchard. #suchabeautifullocation

We had fun running around the neighbors backyard, and were even brought cold water by the homeowner Debbie during the session. #thankyoudebbie

We started by the pool in the back. They had gorgeous rockwork, unfortunately, it was the middle of the day when the sun was high and would have been directly in their faces. #nosquintyeyes #sunnydays #correctexposure

We took some fun pictures by a beautiful rock wall but quickly head to the orchard part where the kids could be more free.

Ellis was mostly on his own mission with dad keeping in tow behind and Elizabeth loved the camera and kept doing some fun posing for me #onamission #exploringtheorchard #vogue #karatechop She was pretty silly with her poses and they even did some monkey posing for me #thisisus #thisisourreality #littlemonkeys #monkeyposes

We were able to get some sweet picture of Jake and Kari without children. #us #lifewithkids #parentlife #stillinlove

After our quick romp through Debbie's yard, Elizabeth took me on a lovely home tour. #hometourbyElizabeth I was immediately taken by the hand and shown the whole house. She then took me to the kitchen for a Kind bar, then the dining room for a pumpkin and finally shown the door. #thiskidmeansbusiness #byefelicia

Loved every minute of getting to see my childhood friend and his beautiful family. Thank you for taking the time to play with me!






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