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"Show Me Your Friends and I'll Show You Your Future!"

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

This is such an amazing and incredibly accurate quote that I haven't been able to get out of my head since my sister, Ali Jolly of Jolly Grain & Stain, shared it. She said this is repeated often by her pastor. He's a wise man. #jollygrainstain #jgs #spreadtheword #showmeyourfriendsandillshowyouyourfuture

There is a very, very important lesson I've been learning since moving to the lake, NETWORKING. I have gathered such an incredible assortment of amazing professionals whom I'm fortunate to call my friends, they are also business owners. #networking #whynetwork #smallbusinessowners

My first step into photography was actually with the help of a wonderful photographer, Lindsey Qualls, of the former, Lindsey Q Photography in Simi Valley, CA. #lindseyqphotography Lindsey was a fellow teacher at an elementary school and a friend. She let me pick her brain from the start and shared valuable insight into the photography world that I couldn't have gained on my own. #thankgoodnessforlindsey She let me tag along to many of her sessions and even let me take my own pictures of her when she was pregnant with her third. #whatnow Lindsey moved to northern California and I believe is now teaching full time. I still LOVE getting her annual Christmas cards with her gorgeous work but unfortunately, I don't think she's doing much more than friends and family with her exceptional gift. Teaching has pulled her back in. #stillintouch #shehasagift

One of my BIGGEST helps throughout my journey was actually another photographer, who like me, dabbled in photography, but actually started her business just around the same time as I did. Tommie of Tommie Girl Photography, has been there for me in more ways than I ever imagined she would. #tommiegirlphotography #tommiegirlphoto #tgp I mean, isn't she my competition? #thatswhatfriendsarefor Nope, I also quickly learned that there is MORE than enough business to go around and it is so beneficial to have friends you can refer your clients to when you are unavailable. #spreadthewealth #buildrelationships I like to create lasting relationships with my clients but if they need me and I can't provide my services, I want to make sure I refer them to someone I know and trust. This truly is an investment in your memories. The experience should be a happy and easy one. #giveyourclientssomeoneyoutrust

Tommie and I have shared ideas, Photoshop actions, backdrops, ideas and even clients. She has narrowed her focus over the years to the newborn industry, and her work is stunning. She really has a gift for capturing the innocence of infants, and their bond with their parents. #sharingiscaring #twoheadsarebetterthanone

Tommie decided she hates shooting weddings, but reluctantly agreed to shoot my wedding in 2015. #youcantmakeme She is talented in that area as well. #yesidid I was so sad that the marriage didn't last, I had to take down those gorgeous photos she took of ME! #byefelicia I'm usually on the other side of the camera so there are times when I insist my friends take some of my daughters and myself. The benefits of having someone who is going through the same issues, successes, etc. is priceless. #pricelessfriendships We have bounced so many ideas off one another and have even helped edit one another's work from time to time. Two heads are better than one. #twoheadsarebetterthanone

In 2013, I started seeing posts from my sister, Jenniver Lawrence, of stuff she built for a new business titled, The Dore to Lawrence. #yougotthis WHAT?!?!?!?! I had no idea. I only knew she'd gotten a bunch of new tools recently and was having fun building stuff. #girlscanbuildtoo She's really amazing. Woodworking runs in the Dore Family. #creativityrunsdeep Grandpa Dore, our dad, Steve Dore, other sister Ali Jolly, uncle Dave Dore, cousin Aaron Dore, cousin Joseph Dore, aunt Carrie Taylor, all crazy talented in their own right. Dore's were given the gift of creativity. It's a good thing we have a lot to offer, we can be A LOT to handle. #happytobeadore #ahappydore #lovemyfamily #lovethedorefamily

Jenniver got me involved with the local Junior Women's Club, or JWC, of Canyon Lake last fall and since then, I've met a vast array of incredible professional women. This network of philanthropists are constantly doing great things for our community and I feel so blessed to be a part of this organization. #canyonlakejwc #jwc #professionalwomen #philanthropy

Jenniver, and her best friend, Iris Stricklin of Legacy Realty, have been inviting me to various networking events where I have met so many people who are interested in my work and great leads for business marketing partners in the future. #getoutandmeetpeople

Another valuable addition to my network is Kasey Castillo of Castillo Harper Attorneys. She is running for City Council here in the lake and recently opened my eyes to some issues that are relevant in the lake. She will be a wonderful addition to our council and will do such a great job representing our small city. #kasey4council #harpercastillo

Since moving to the lake, I have been working closely with a fellow JWC member, Kristen Grebe, of the Canyon Lake Lodge to bring a new look to their website. #lighthouserestaurant #canyonlakelighthouse #canyonlakeweddings I am currently the only photographer on their vendor list, and I am proud to say they are the first venues to carry aDore packets. #adoredesigns YAY!!!!! My newphew, Kyler Battleson, of Pine Productions is the top DJ for the lodge as well. He's also very talented and professional. #djpinepro #pineproductions

My best friend from high school, Leon McKenzie, of Sure Sports is one of the most successful businessmen I know. He has created a market in the sports industry, where there was none. #suresports #amazinginspiration Such an amazing man and support, not to mention one of the smartest people I know. I'm so happy that we've maintained our friendship for the past 25+ years.#lastingfriendships #friendsforlife

Most recently, Mike Carroll of C Squared Events, DJ and lighting services, invited me to such a great event this past Tuesday at Wiens Family Cellars in Temecula, CA. #csquaredevents #creativeprohappyhour #wiensfamilycellars #djmikecarroll Mike is the shizz in this group.#thebomb So loved in the Southern California region. He too is exceptional at his job. The group's talk for the evening was actually on the topic of networking and its importance. #theimportanceofnetworking #lereve #lereveproductions #weddingvideography The speaker for the evening was Lindsey Conklin of Le Reve Productions. He and his wife Cherish, are the talent behind beautiful videography. During his speech, he discussed the importance of not only networking, but also building relationships.#buildrelationships About half of the guests were new, as it was bring a friend night. #bringafriend Before and during his talk, he took time to learn the names of each newbie and remembered most throughout the next hour as I noticed him then referring to everyone by their first names. #remembernames He mentioned that he even 'Facebook stalked' a few of us guests who had accepted invites to the event prior to coming. So smart. #notatallcreepy We got past the creepiness to realize how incredible that actually was. #genius He came to the event with peoples names and faces already in his mind, as well as a few conversation starters that he found with some. For example, he noticed he and another gentlemen were both big fans of Gary Vee.#garyvee #groupies I had no idea who this was but quickly realized this name is a must know in the wedding industry. #anotheroneineedtolearn

Everyone at the event were super welcoming. I met some exceptional professionals in the area who I hope to work with soon. #amazinggroupofprofessionals #hopetoworkwiththem You can never have too many friends.

It's not what you know, but who you know.

Surround yourself with those who will lift you higher.

The old adages are not ALWAYS true, but sometimes, maybe we should listen to them a little more. #allmylove


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