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Things Change

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

As a teacher, I recognized the importance of incorporating technology and social media in the classroom. Why not as a photographer? #socialmediainbusiness

I established Mac Dore Photography in 2010 and since then, I have worked in many areas of photography. #est2010 #doingwhatilove I absolutely love shooting weddings but it definitely took me time to say that. #seriously In the beginning, I was so stressed. #toomuchstress This is going to be one of the most important days in my client's lives and if I miss something, there's no getting that moment back. #noredos I have found that I have such an outgoing personality, and I am a sociable person, so it comes easily. #itcomesnaturally It's not too tough when you get to jump around, climb on chairs, hoot and holler at the crowd on the dance floor. #theenergeticphotographer #whostheladywiththecamera The best part, I get paid for this.#igetpaidforthis Okay, maybe that's not the best part. Actually, the real best part is when the couples and guests get to relive the day through my work. #relivetheday #itgoesfast #photospreservememories It's such a special gift to be able to share. I just LOVE giving sneak peeks! #sneakpeeks

During my eight years in this business, I have also found I have a real knack for newborns. #newbornphotography Some of my clients have even referred to me as the baby whisperer. #thebabywhisperer I just love that I get to play with newborns and completely wear them out so they go home and sleep peacefully for their exhausted parents.#nowitsyourturn During newborn sessions, I really take my time. #workaroundthebaby The session is COMPLETELY baby focused. #iftheyarenthappynooneis If the baby is hungry or uncomfortable, there is no amount of soothing from me that is going to work. I don't mind when mommies give their little ones small breaks during the session to feed and/or change in between shots. #catchabreath #takecareofyourself An unhappy baby will not make for those serene, peaceful pictures you want to see as a parent. On a side note, please do NOT drink caffeine before your session and then nurse your baby (seriously, it's happened). #nocaffeinefornewborns

Another favorite element of this profession is getting to go to parks, beaches and other beautiful settings to run around and play with my clients. #ishootpeople Having been a school teacher for 17 years, I do have a knack with children. #ilovechildren They really seem to like me. Or at least the candy I bribe them with during and after our sessions. #itsthecandy #candylady Bribery is a beautiful thing and it really opens kids up, plus it gives them just a little boost of energy for our session. #whodoesntlovecandy Don't worry, you won't see any ugly chocolate smears or sticky lollipop faces in these pictures. I have my tricks. #nochocolatesmiles

For several years now I've been asked if I am going to leave teaching to focus on my photography full time. #teachersrock Being a teacher has also been a longtime passion of mine. #lovedbeingintheclassroom I've taught every grade level from 1st though 8th, and I'm good at it. #historyismypassion I try to relate to my students, provide them with a foundation for their futures and most of all, listen to them. #misunderstood #listen That's really all kids need, to be heard. #letthembeheard Teaching has been the perfect segway into photography. I work with kids well. I get evenings, weekends, holidays, and summers off to work, which is when I am mostly needed as a photographer anyway. However, the classroom environment is not what it used to be. The culture has changed and this profession that I used to LOVE, brings me more stress and anxiety than I would like in my life. #photographyonly #onsabbatical

Each summer, I've delved into my photography, but then get sidetracked as soon as the school year begins. I've also had to turn away many clients because my time has been so limited with two careers. #summertimepassion #lovesummers #summersarethebest

This year has brought a ton of change in my life.#lifebringschange For 17 years, I've wanted to move closer to family. I was pretty much alone in Simi Valley and was super lonely. #loner I made a point to see my family at least once a month, but for anyone that knows our family, that's not NEARLY enough. #ineedmyfamily #familyiseverything In June, my girls and I moved to Canyon Lake, Ca to be closer to our family. #finally #canyonlakeresidents #canyonlakers I can see my sister's house across the lake from my porch. I think it's pretty cool and really think we should start learning and practicing our Morse Code, but so far she just keeps telling me, "too soon, too soon." #morsecode #iseeyou #getoutthebinoculars

I feel so incredibly fortunate, and terrified, to be starting this new phase of my journey. I know my path will continue to unfold before me so for now, I will just continue to be obsessively grateful for this beautiful journey I'm on. #enjoythejourney

Happy Thursday My Friends,


Mac Dore Photography

Me and my girls, June

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