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As a mother myself, I wanted to remember those days forever... 

I photographed my girls as newborns

as well as every little milestone of their development. 

It is in this way that I keep those precious memories


Sometimes looking at those pictures,

 I barely recognize my 'babies,'

 especially now that they are 16 & 14 years young.  

Welcome to the World Little One!!!

There will never again be a time like

the first days of your child's life.

Capturing the beauty of your newborn is a

passion of mine.  Some of my clients have even referred to me as 'the baby whisperer'...  

If you are interested in me

capturing your new addition,

please contact me as soon as possible.

I recommend newborn sessions occur within the first seven to ten days of life,

newborns are sleepiest the younger they are

and easiest to work with. 

Let me stylize the perfect session for you!

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