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You Buy Cheaply, You Pay Dearly ~ French Proverb

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

I was at a meeting this week talking with some gals when one mentioned she really needs to update her family photos. #perfectopportunity I excitedly started to agree, but then was interrupted by another lady who told her she should hire me because I recently recommended a nice location for her to have her daughter's 8th grade portraits taken. #theknowitall She 'loved' the location and how her portraits turned out from her photographer. She went on to tell her that it's so easy, all you have to do is put everyone in white or black, pay your photographer their $100 for 15 images or whatever, then pop over to Walmart and have them blown up........OH MY GOSH, please stop now, you're completely killing me. #awkwardfamilyphotos #pleasestopnow #dying

As a photographer, I hear the following often, 'Anyone can take a picture' #anyonecantakeapicture This is so true. I ask strangers to take my picture sometimes when I'm out with friends and family, sometimes with my camera, sometimes with my phone. There is a difference between a picture and a portrait. #portraitphotographer You might be able to capture a wonderful picture, but there is also a process that most people don't understand. #seemeworktounderstand

My friend went on to explain how horribly blown out her wedding portraits were. She was saying what a waste of money her photographer was. I stopped her immediately to ask her the first question I ask everyone when they complain about their photographer, did you look at her portfolio prior to hiring her? #weddingfail Most people reluctantly tell me they didn't. Maybe they were offered a great deal or referred by someone they know and trust. #itwasfree #afriendhasanicecamera It's not always going to coincide with your taste.

Last fall, I had a client hire me for a mini session with her family. During the session, I asked them how long it had been since their last family picture. She told me this was an annual tradition for them. I asked who she normally uses, she said she's never used the same person twice. That was my first red flag. #redflag In her gallery, she was offered 97 images to choose her 15 from. After downloading her images, she told me that there really weren't any that she liked and probably didn't think she'd end up using any. #areyouserious When I asked why then she already downloaded images, she said it was so she could see them better. #probablynot

She told me that a lot of my pictures had sunlight behind them and she didn't like the rays and orbs in the pictures. #ilovesun Mind you, out of 97, there were PLENTY without these. #somanyoptions She then told me they were making awkward faces in most of the pictures, I can only do so much. #Icantfixeverything This client then requested a refund through PayPal and filed a complaint that I didn't deliver what was promised. When PayPal agreed with me, she pushed further to appeal their decision. #karmacomesthroughagain

I have no way of knowing if she ever used any of her images, but if I had received that gallery, I personally would have loved the choices. #ilovedhergallery I did tell my client that she had ample opportunity to view my work, she booked me through my website, after finding me on Yelp. Ample opportunity. #pleaselookatportfoliosbeforehiring

Another friend was recently telling my sister that she didn't get many photo-journalistic type photos from her wedding photographer and she wished he got more candids and fun memories from the party. #candids #photojournalisticweddingphotography Jenniver quickly reminded her that she really wanted magazine style portraits for her wedding. #magazinestyleweddingportraits That's what she got. She didn't hire her photographer because he was good at candids, she hired him because of his beautiful portrait work.

You get what you pay for! #yougetwhatyoupayfor There couldn't be a more true statement in the photography industry. I tell my clients that hiring their photographer is truly one of the MOST IMPORTANT decisions they will make in their wedding journey. #weddingdecisions

The food gets eaten. The drinks go quickly. The cake gets smashed. The music fades and so do the memories. THE ONE THING YOU'RE LEFT WITH IS YOUR PORTRAITS! #yourphotospreserveyourmemories

Please make sure you know your style and what you REALLY want for one of the most important days of your life. #doyourhomework

Although money is an important factor, don't let that be your driving decision when hiring your photographer. I would encourage you to meet with your photographer to make sure your personalities mesh. Definitely look through their portfolio to make sure you are IN LOVE with their style. #itsnotallaboutthebenjamins #relationshipbuilding

Finally, I would recommend an engagement session with YOUR photographer, so that you can have some time to really get to know one another in a relaxed setting prior to your hectic day. I have shot weddings where I meet the bride and /or groom at the wedding. That is fine, but I really love having a chance to torture the couple first, so they get a feel for what it will be like working with me on their big day. #engagementsession #gettoknowyourphototgrapher

I'll end with a quote I've always lived by,

"We didn't know we were making memories, we were just having fun!"

I can't wait to see your smiles!!!

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